About Big Picture Websites

Big Picture Websites is based in Vancouver, BC. We are primarily an on-line business with both clients and associates across the city, the country and even the world, but we strive to maintain a small, intimate feeling – personal service, great customer support, and a deep knowledge of the services we deliver and technology we use.

Our business model has always been centered around flexibility and agility; a small group of professionals with a diverse but focused set of skills, carefully crafting each website we build. We have a long list of projects under our belt making awesome websites, branding companies, running marketing, SEO and social media campaigns, and creating countless print media projects.

“We have worked with Big Picture Communications for 6 years and are very satisfied with what they produce. Customers, acquaintances and friends often comment on our website, art-work and graphics. There always seems to be the right balance of simplicity, coupled with professionalism and crispness. Big Picture Communications is up to speed with sophisticated technologies and can help in many areas outside of website design. The design team is managed efficiently and we experience very quick turn-around times. Whether photography, social media coordination or website, Jason Steeghs and his team offer high quality work, yet remain approachable and proactive to getting the job done.”
Steffen Waite, Red Leaf Architectural Products
“Big Picture Communication has been instrumental in the development of our company. From initial branding and logo design to site photography and web development, Jason has built a coherent and unique identity for us. We are pleased with how the product was developed and the professional way in which it was delivered, and we would recommend them without hesitation.”
Jacob Rogers, J. Norris Construction
“We consulted with Jason Steeghs at Big Picture Communication on the design, layout and content of our website. Having his input during the process helped us define how we wanted to use the site and the information we wanted to provide to our users. Jason came to all the meetings prepared, with all outstanding questions or items ready to be discussed. His approach was tailored to our needs. Jason made the process stress free and we were very happy with the end result.”
Sarah Samphire, Final Touch Window Coverings
“Big Picture Communications was a great asset in taking Thomas Alexander Contracting Inc. to the next level of business. They provided the expertise to establish a modern and well functioning website for my company. Big Pictures Communications has also been great in providing ongoing technical support and also at keeping my website current, in this fast changing world.”
Angus McLean, Thomas Alexander Contracting
“Artisan Construction worked with Big Picture Communication for over five years. They delivered a wide range of business communications services, marketing materials, website design, photography and document management solutions. They helped showcase the award-winning work we’ve done, and helped keep things running behind the scenes too. It’s been a pleasure working with Big Picture Communication and I look forward to our continued future involvement.”
Brent Repin, Artisan Construction Group
“Working with Big Picture Communication was great. I was able to work closely with someone that listened and took all my needs as an Interior Design company into consideration, and produced a website that reflects my company and remains current and flexible for the future.”
Geele Soroka, Sublime Interior Design