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Big Picture Websites 3-Round Design Process

For results of these questions and decisions, see the Design section of the Briefs


Round 1: Brand and Style

This stage is about establishing the brand and style of the site (nothing specific about pages or content)

Brand and Style Design Questionnaire: https://forms.gle/55C9DSKeX4L5D35R7

Establishing the ‘style’ – choose from list: https://bigpicturewebsites.com/resources/design-styles/

Do you have a pre-set brand identity already?
Do you have a usable logo file or do we need to recreate it?
Do you have an established primary / highlight color?
Do you have an established font(s)?


Round 2: Site Components

This stage is about designing the common elements that apply to the entire website. Still not designing content.

Once we’ve locked in the Round 1 decisions, and have asked your opinion on a range of components, we’ll apply them to some sample pages for your review.
If there are no links below, we haven’t gotten there yet!

[Option 1 Link]   [Option 2 Link]   [Option 3 Link]


Round 3: Page Design

At this stage, we’ve locked in the design elements we’ll be using, and the content itself.
By the time we get here, you’ll be reviewing the site with actual pages and real content, so not much going on here…