Short answer – yes! Long answer – It’s included in the packages, but you buy your site outright, and you can do everything yourself and will ensure it all happens and is monitored regularly, then you can do it yourself. But for the equivalent cost of an hour a month, you’re getting a lot! The maintenance package includes not just critical updates and regular scanning for malware, but also weekly or daily off-server backups, uptime monitoring, google analytics, and regular reports sent to you showing website traffic, update status, and security scan results, among other things. And if something goes wrong, we take care of it at no extra cost. We strongly urge you either have us perform these tasks or else have someone else do it.

Website are built on dynamic technology with a lot of things that change frequently and can break. Like any preventative maintenance, it’s easier and cheaper to keep thing running smoothly than to try to fix an issue after something breaks. Due to the ever-changing nature of the technology and persistence of hacking and malware, we can’t make any guarantees or take responsibility for your website if we’re not maintaining it. That’s why it’s included in all our packages.