Yes, unless you don’t want anyone to find your website. Without it, your site will show up if someone searches for you, and see that you’re registered, active, and have an online presence. But it won’t help you show up in searches for keywords and phrases that match your business, unless you take the steps included in our SEO package.

We start with a technical optimization of the site, and do a keyword analysis, adding meta titles to your pages and keyword optimized content, then create accounts for you on various social media platforms, google business listing, business directories, etc. After that, we move into content-marketing by creating new website posts, social media posts, and other avenues. Even if you don’t think your customers will find you on Twitter, for example, it’s about activity and content that directs back to your site, so that your organic results do better.

If/when you’re ready to really start doing some online marketing and SEO work, we have much more comprehensive packages available, but they’ll all required taking the steps included in the foundation package regardless. Same if you hire another agency…these steps are key early building blocks to building an online presence.