Page Pieces

The following sections are on almost every page. There are lots of options for how they are displayed:

5 different layout options:

Header Options

As seen on this site, you can choose to have the logo and man navigation menu stay at the top of the page while you scroll down. You can also choose the size, colour and transparency level of the background area – separate from the main header visible at the top of the page.

Tons of options!

  • Choose between regular and large “mega menu” drop down navigation, for when you have tons of sub-pages.
  • You can different navigation menus on different pages.
  • Opt for a side navigation menu to display a secondary menu.
  • You can also have custom menus.
A strip across the top of the page with the name of the page and a search box or breadcrumbs. Each page can have a unique sidebar, and it can be custom designed with colours or images, including a parallax option.
On either the left or right side, you can have a separate strip with tons of different types of content, depending on which section of the site it its. Text, images, news categories, calendars, portfolio displays, e-commerce product thumbnails, and tons of other things.
The big section at the bottom of most sites, with consistent content widgets that are the same for on every page. You can turn it off for individual pages or altogether, but they are used on most sites. Add things like contact info, a mission statement, a twitter feed, links to latest news, etc. See the full list of options, under “Widgets” below. Fully customizable – choose from 1-4 column layout, and select of the background or image, the top border size and colour, and the font type, size and colour.
At the very bottom of the page, you can have copyright info, a tag line with keywords, a phone number and email address, or some social media links.

*Requires a separate page to demonstrate.