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Project Description

With over 30 years of skilled stone carving and craftsmanship, the client’s reputation precedes him. Our task was to create a simple website that demonstrated the quality of work and range of services offered, in a format that was easy to manage and update.

One of the challenges of this project – still in progress – is organizing 30 years of work into clearly-defined service offerings that match a past project categorization, as well as sorting through hundreds of images from dozens of projects. Some are small pieces, done in the shop, while others represent massive collaborative on-site restoration projects on public and commercial buildings. As such, the galleries are a work in progress, but are coming together slowly to display the broad range of skills, types of work, services, and products created by hand from stone.

Our foundation site was the perfect starting point – a professional, modern site that’s easy to navigate and manage. We also provided copywriting and image touch-ups, along with consulting on content structure and organization of services and past work.

Project Details

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