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Project Description

This project starts with our flexible foundation site, and gracefully integrates a complex set of product listings, entered as e-commerce products, but using a catalog feature in lieu of an online-purchase option.

The company sells mounting hardware for slab stone wall cladding, highly specialized products with a range of attributes which change for different categories of products. We had already created an extensive 65 page catalog with the many hundreds of variations, and to extend this to the website, we needed to utilize a special CSV Import extension, to sync the company’s database listings with the website.

This highly functional site allows users to select first from a range of product categories, then select a specific product, and finally choose multiple variations based on the physical attributes needed for engineering specifications. After choosing the correct SKU, users can submit a quote request for ordering bulk quantities. The site uses e-commerce functionality extensively, which is integrated directly into our foundation site as an option we can activate if required.

It’s a great example of how our industry-leading website development system can handle the simplest requirements to the most complex, all with little complication, and never sacrificing security, usability, or visual appeal.

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