Just the Basics

Simple branding and websites for trades people, solo entrepreneurs, and early-stage startups who just need bare-bones branding and a simple managed web presence.

We know there are lots of small business and tradespeople who don’t need or want to do a lot of marketing, but still want to look professional. We can offer a few pared-down options where the delivered work and website is still done at the same quality level, but we reduce the scope, scale, and options.

With these “only what you need” level projects, we’ll have one call and then get you to send us some ideas, text, images, etc. and we put it together into a professional quality project – just smaller, and with less back-and-forth discussion. We can easily add to it or make changes later, but the idea is to get a professional but inexpensive visual and online identity to make you look professional without a full marketing package.

Bare Bones Branding
$375 (~5 hrs)

– Create a logotype (name written in a unique font/color) multiple file types for different use
– 3 options presented, you pick one and get one round of revisions
– Business card design

Single-page Site
$675 (~9 hrs) + $50/mo (updates, hosting and maintenance)

– Professionally built and designed single-page site. Easy to grow and add to whenever you’re ready.
– Some text describing who you are and what you do, an images gallery, and a contact form
– Managed, monitored, maintained, updated & backed-up regularly

Please fill out the form below and we’ll send you the complete details and instructions for getting started.

Please note, if you’re a full-functioning small business that needs multiple pages, wants to be involved in the design and direction of the branding or website, or requires a portfolio or any other features, etc. please refer to our already-affordable regular bundles!