Writing and Editing

The best sign of professionalism on any company’s website is whether there’s easy to read and understand descriptions of you, your work, and what you offer. Your text should be clear, descriptive and personable, but also direct. People want to relate but they don’t want to waste time.

Let us prepare great text for your website, printed materials, or other promotional content. We can write from different voices depending on how big you want to sound, we can be light or serious, and we are sticklers for good grammar and proper formatting.

Photography and Stock Images

Every time you see a great website, the difference is good images. Great pictures can make a small, mediocre site look fantastic, and it can ensure a site withgreat text content is never looked at. You want really nice photos – ideally showing your work, your business and projects. We can set up a photoshoot for you and capture you and your team in their element.

Aside from a photoshoot, there are a lot of great stock images out there now. It’s not just cheesy people in suits shaking hands anymore! Stock photos can be illustrative and conceptual and really bring an otherwise ok site to life. Finding good photos does take time, but it’s really worth it to have great pictures to wow your visitors. We can let you look for them, or help by creating shortlists. We already have some picked out for most industries!