SEO Fundamentals Packages

Good Search Engine Optimization – The 3 factors:

  1. A website that’s easy to find for the Google, Bing, and other search engine web crawlers. This work is largely a technical process comprised of installing tools, editing settings, tagging media, adding meta data, and tweaking page code. This work is the foundation upon which the other work is based.
  2. Well-written content on your website – both the static pages and news/blog posts. We can’t stress enough how important this is. The quantity, quality, and frequency of content you produce is a significant determining factor in your rankings.
  3. Links from off the site pointing to you, plus listings & profiles- specifically active social media profiles, directory listings, and internal & external review sites. These links raise your “relevance” in the eyes of search engines.

Based on this understanding, we set out to create a simple, affordable package that covers these bases and get the ball rolling for an on-going search campaign.

A. Preliminary Analysis and Initial set-up work

First we start by looking at you site performance currently, your competition, and your target market, and we come up with a strategy and a plan.

Then we start on the initial set-up both on the website to optimize the static content, and creating & setting up external accounts. This essential ground-work lays the foundation for the content to be distributed and found and is critical to the success of the entire SEO campaign.

There are one-time steps (may require tweaking or re-visiting) that lay the groundwork and set up your site and external profiles to be easily found and indexed.

A1. Preliminary Meeting

Required if doing further work.

  • Review of services offered (base package) and expectations
  • Understanding the industry and market – determine key terms/phrases
  • Relative significance of content & maintenance (on-site posts and social media)
  • Written notes to be used in strategy, planning, submitted for review

A2. Site Audit & Basic Keyword Analysis

Required if doing further work.

  • Conduct a basic audit on existing website
  • Using info from preliminary meeting, conduct keyword analysis to inform both technical and content strategies
  • Prepare / present results

A3. Strategy

Standard Strategy:

Required if doing further work.

  • Types of content (platform / format / medium)
  • Social Media, Directories & Review Sites
  • Ongoing meta-data / tagging of new media content
  • Analytics reporting and tweaking strategy

Unique, Custom Strategy for your Company:

  • Subject matter
  • Schedule / Calendar
  • Responsibilities

A4. System set-up & On-site Technical

All these are important steps. Extra hours billed separately if required to manage accounts partially set up, domain transfers, etc.

  • SEO Plugin Installation and configuration
  • Embedded dynamic content (i.e. social media feeds)
  • Google account set up
  • Register with Google Places
  • Google Analytics Install / Setup
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Hootsuite setup

A5. Static Content Code Optimization

Optimizing content pages and meta-data and ensuring that the html code and all related tags and meta data are applied to the main pages.

Essential and highly recommended. Only skip if this has already been done.

  • Review audit / scan for key-words on each top-level page. Results presented in a short report for use in part B1 (below.)
  • HTML headings configuration
  • Tagging all media
  • Adding focus keywords, SEO titles, and meta-descriptions to top pages/posts
  • Applied to all top-level pages (up to 15 pages)

A6. Social Media Setup & Configuration

This is also offered as stand-alone service. Which social media profiles to be determined at preliminary meeting. We generally recommend Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and potentially some industry-specific ones.

  • Account registration and confirmation, tracking login info and permissions
  • Configuring settings, linking with other accounts / dashboard
  • Branding profiles with company designs and basic content

B. One-Time Content Work

This is writing and content that includes both on-site work (re-writing static website pages) and off-site work (submitting external profiles to industry directories.) In particular, the editing and re-writing of content on your site to optimize for key words and phrases is a very important step.

This is text content and copy-writing work that is done once and will only be edited when the content needs updating or the SEO strategy suggests tweaking for new keywords.

B1. On-site Static Content Optimization

Editing / re-writing content pages, product category descriptions and more.

Recommend entire site if under 15 pages. If more than 15 pages, start with the 10-15 more important.

  • Professional copy-writing – keyword-rich content for each page
  • Great value for more important main pages rather than sub-pages

B2. Landing Page Creation and Monitoring

This is tied to external marketing campaigns, often social media-driven. Important for campaigns, less so for small standard sites.

  • Create pages specifically designed to attract visitors from specific search results
  • Created with optimized content for specific campaigns
  • Used with Google Analytics to determine traffic sources

B3. Off-site Directory Listings

  • Identify relevant industry directories (local geographical and online)
  • Create custom profiles and submit to directories

C. Ongoing Content and Monitoring Work

This work consists of three different areas:

  • On-site dynamic content creation and management (articles, blogs, news)
  • Off-site Social Media activity (posts, tweets, likes, follows, etc.)
  • Monitoring analytics for adjusting strategy (Google Analytics reports)

Search Engines prioritize sites with dynamic, active content.

C1. On-site Dynamic Content Creation & Optimization

A stream of new content on your website that gets found by search engines when people look for content like yours. Google rewards fresh content with higher rankings.

i. Writing Blog Posts and Articles

High value if done regularly over time. Recommend 1-4 articles/posts per month.

  • Researched posts on relevant topics, approved by you
  • Each one is between 750 – 1000 words
  • Includes 1 round of grammar/wording and light edit revisions

ii. White papers and Case Studies

  • Longer, more directed content
  • Post white papers and case studies on LinkedIn, online journals, trade magazines
  • Profile a successful project, highlight achievements, demonstrate professionalism

C2. Off-site Social Media Content Creation & Management

Posts, profiles and content on other sites that link to you, creating “relevance” in the eyes of search engines. New content is ranked higher by search engines.

Three package sizes or custom. ($350/mo, $675/mo, $1000/mo)


C3. Analytics, Tracking & Reporting

Google Analytics monthly reports showing website traffic. Get a monthly snapshot or delve deeper into the details.

Option 1: Monthly Highlights

Basic site traffic results, trends, overview and brief analysis

Option 2: In-Depth Report

Thorough analysis of specific keywords, detailed trends in traffic, page-by-page breakdown, suggestion and action items for strategy amendments and new tactics.

A Note About the Level of Services in this Package:

We want to be able to provide a solid foundation for our clients, but we recognize that SEO is a complex field, and a full-time job just to keep up with the changes in Google algorithms and the subsequent strategy. For more robust SEO campaigns than this package affords, we partner with a local SEO agency who offers a comprehensive suite of services. However, if you want to lay the groundwork and get a bit of traction before launching into that next level, we offer this basic starter package that covers all the important aspects of the set up work and initiates the vital content generation.