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Website Maintenance & Update Services

Website technology changes fast and doesn’t always work perfectly. You should budget for some maintenance, either preventative or troubleshooting.

Preventative Maintenance Package

This is highly recommended to keep downtime and repair costs down. We scan your site once a month, update any features, make sure WordPress is running the latest version, and check on the status of all links. Theme updates every 2-3 months unless security issues require an immediate update.

Support and Troubleshooting Work

If something does go wrong, we will always happily work on the websites we’ve built if something breaks or there’s an issue or error.

We have two tiers of hourly support service:

On-call priority support package: This is a monthly subscription service. We guarantee we will start work within 3 hrs of receiving your request during business hours, and often even after hours and weekends. Recommended for larger businesses and high-traffic websites.

Regular hourly support and maintenance: Just call or write and we can work on anything that needs attention at our regular hourly rate. We can almost always deal with something within 48hrs.