Website Maintenance & Update Services

Web technology changes fast and doesn’t always work perfectly. From server language upgrades to new security vulnerabilities with plugins, you have to expect some aspect to fail from time to time. If you own a website, you should budget for some maintenance, ideally preventative or if not, eventually troubleshooting. (The maintenance package below is included in the price of all website subscriptions.)

Preventative Maintenance Package

This is highly recommended to keep downtime and repair costs low/non-existent.
This package, as described, is available for websites that we’ve built. If we didn’t build your website, there may be some additional set-up costs.


$75/mo per site, billed quarterly
$50/mo for additional sites (same hosting server)


If anything breaks on your site or it gets infected with malware, etc., we will fix it, clean, and restore it at no extra charge.

Any edits to pages can be quickly, and submitted via our change request form is included. It will be done within a 3-5 days. Doesn’t include urgent requests, major edits, new content, or creating new pages or posts (news, portfolio, products.)

We purchase and install Wordfence Premium scanner and firewell. The most trusted plugin for security on WordPress, this will greatly reduces the likelihood of malware infections.

Weekly or daily (your choice) backups to our Amazon S3 storage account. We keep 14 versions (14 weeks’ worth for weekly backups, or 2 weeks worth for daily backups.)

At least twice a month we run any plugin updates and make sure they’re working and current. Updated versions are more often for security than functionality, so regular updates are very important.

Update WP upon the release of each new version of WordPress. This is important for security, as old versions are frequently updated due to vulnerabilities.

We’ll keep your site’s theme up to date with all the latest features and functionality. (Based on assumption it’s a theme with well-supported updates.)

Our service checks every 15 min to make sure your site is online. If the site goes down for more than a few minutes we get notified and immediately check it out. It’s usually a server update – not under our control – but in the case that it’s something related to your website, we’ll figure it out and take action right away.

Review regular scan results from WordFence and Sucuri malware scanners.
Review notifications about the site’s status and any issues, attacks, or hacking attempts.
Enforce industry best practices regarding login passwords, hidden login urls, and other features we set up at the beginning. These are part of our standard website building process, even without the maintenance package, but the package includes an active management of these best practices.

You receive weekly or monthly updates (your choice) about your site, including both security results, updates that were performed, and Google analytics overview of traffic statistics.

  • New Content Updates: Of course we are happy to work on your site, but this is a maintenance package so any changes to your site’s design or content are not covered. This is for all new content or major edits, unlike the included minor edits that are included.
  • Fixing things that break which are not under our control: This is an unlikely scenario to begin with, but there many reasons a website might break. We can minimize them and keep an eye open for issues, but at some point, a feature we built or a plugin we’re using may stop working if browser compatibility or something outside of our control changes. If it’s something we can reasonably have been expected to foresee or prevent, we’ll take responsibility. But if not, we will have to bill for our time to fix it. I know this is a bit vague, but there are so many different pieces of the puzzle, it’s hard to be specific until we’re talking about something particular.

On-call Support and Troubleshooting Work

If we’ve built your website and you don’t purchase the maintenance package above, we will still happily work on your website upon request. This is billed hourly and we can usually start within 12 hrs for critical issues (major errors, site offline, etc.) or within 48 hr for non-critical issues.

For sites without an ongoing maintenance package, please understand that we can’t offer any promises with regards to malware, security updates, backup, monitoring, broken links, etc. The site will be yours, as is, with no stated or implied guarantees.

We do not offer support and troubleshooting as an hourly service for websites we didn’t build.