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Get a professional custom website that can grow with your business,
Ongoing tech support: updates, maintenance, security, backups, and more,
Plus online marketing package including SEO and social media

For an affordable monthly price with no contract!

We know that long-term commitment is a deal-breaker, and that shelling out thousands of dollars for a new website is hard. So, we spread out that initial website design & building cost over a few years. We bundle it with the required ongoing maintenance and service costs and some core SEO and social media services. It’s a complete foundation to build on for a business of any size. And we think you’ll quickly see the value, which is why we’re confident enough to carry the upfront costs.

Quality work and straightforward billing in the hopes of building long-term relationships.

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The Foundation

  • Rock-solid professional-grade website perfect for any small businesses. Includes all the core basics out of the gate. Build on it and expand in the future as you grow.
  • Beautiful, professional web design
  • Home, About, Products, Projects, News, Contact + 5 more.
  • Unlimited text and image edits!
  • Mobile-friendly responsive design
  • Categorized, filter-able project listings
  • Extra option: Ecommerce-ready / online product catalog
  • 3hrs custom website work per month
  • Web hosting, + 2-yr free domain
  • 15 email addresses set up
  • Industry-best security & backup
  • Page-caching for quick load speed
  • Monthly maintenance package
  • Basic SEO work on all pages
  • 4 social media accounts set up
  • 3/wk social media posting
  • 1/wk syndicated news story on your blog
  • Google Analytics


Our monthly payment packages are a great deal for the majority of our clients. But most people are more familiar with the concept of buying a site rather than leasing it, and we recognize some the monthly lease option may not suit everyone. So we do also build websites using the more traditional approach – where we sit down, determine your needs, come up with a proposal and a total project price, and you own everything.

The features of the website are the same, and much of the process will be the same. The differences are:

You pay for the site up front
Hosting is set up in your name, and you pay for it
Maintenance is not included (but strongly encouraged as a monthly service)
Marketing, SEO, social media, etc. is not included (available as a service)

If you are going to need all these things anyway, the package is an excellent deal, though!


Each of our websites includes the following:

The nuts and bolts of the site – all the technical set up and configuration plus creating the standard pages of the site. There are many more details than listed here, but these are the key infrastructure features.


  • Hosting & domain set-up/configuration
  • WordPress CMS and theme installation
  • Database installation and configuration
  • 4 user accounts with different levels of permissions
  • Up to 5 email addresses

Website Pages:

  • Home page, full-width images, text overlay, optional slider
  • About, Services, plus 5 more content pages
  • Portfolio/projects area (and first 10 list items)
  • News or Blog posts page (with categories)
  • Contact page with map and a contact form

Suggested Options:

  • Multi-frame slider with our top-pick quality images and tasteful text treatment and transitions.
  • Online product catalog – e-commerce ready (or quote-request feature)
  • Staff training on how to manage website content

Start by choosing a style from our collection and telling us what you like. We’ll work with your brand and company style to create a clean, contemporary design that will make your company look great.

  • Unique colour scheme to match your company branding
  • Customized typography and font / header selection
  • Multiple versions of your logo / icons for various mobile devices
  • Up to 5 free stock images
  • Cropping, enhancing and optimizing up to 20 photos you supply
  • Countless page design options and content formatting features

As part of the foundation package, we prepare all the text and images provided to us, upload it, add the content into the appropriate pages, and apply basic formatting.

Content writing or image selection are the two most important aspects of a website site. You may have everything ready to go, or you may require our help – we do SEO-focused copywriting, image sourcing, and photo shoots on site. Content generation is highly variable, so it is priced separately.

Included content preparation and formatting:

  • Up to 7 content pages
  • 10 project listings (2 categorization options)
  • Testimonials (listed or rotating)
  • Map and contact form on contact page
  • Footer widgets with text, recent work links, and more
  • Categorization and filter options for project portfolio

The technical elements that control the way the website works, beyond displaying your text and images. Each sites comes with great standard core features built right in from scratch, both internal administrative tools, and front-facing engaging features for your customers to interact with.

  • Industry-leading, rock-solid security features
  • Regular back-ups for peace-of-mind
  • Page caching function of faster loading times
  • Responsive design that works great on mobile devices
  • Leading SEO plugin, with XML site map
  • Submit site to major search engines
  • Google docs / PDF embedding
  • Countless options for displaying content and page layouts
…and tons more behind-the-scenes website management features that makes even our most basic foundation site one of the most advanced, yet simple to use websites you can get! See the Add-ons below for more options.


We also offer a range of extra features and options:

Your website can do a lot more than just look pretty! From simple touches like integrated social media feeds to complex customized ecommerce solutions to advanced forms, and lots more…basically whatever you can imagine, we can probably do it. Here are our most popular functionality add-ons. Contact us for a complete list.

  • Product catalog – list categorized products, have customers request a quote, etc.
  • E-commerce – sell your products online. Includes tons of advanced options.
  • Social Media Integration
  • Google Analytics
  • Multiple languages
  • Custom Forms
  • Event Calendars
  • Anti-spam features
  • Custom back-up system for quick transfer and restore
  • Advanced table design
  • Upload and download managers
  • Private pages and member-only sections
  • Social media login
  • Large media libraries and databases
  • Integration with other web-based apps (e.g. dropbox, zapier, google docs, etc.)
  • Content Delivery Network for faster site loading across the globe
  • Mega-menus and custom menus
  • Multi-layer slider, with text overlays and custom transitions
  • More galleries – different styles for showing product variations, projects reference, etc.
  • SEO-friendly writing, editing, or, proof-reading website text
  • Photo and graphics – stock sourcing, photo shoots and illustration services

Ongoing Content & Design Creation

See our Content Marketing services page and Design pages for a complete description of the various services we offer under these categories.
* Content work is billed hourly

Website technology changes fast and when the various pieces get updates, they sometimes doesn’t work with other pieces. You should budget for some maintenance, either preventative or troubleshooting.

Preventative maintenance package: This is highly recommended to keep downtime and repair costs down. We run updates, actively block and scan for malware with WordFence Premium, make sure WordPress is running the latest version, and check on the status of all links. We monitor uptime, and we also send monthly reports on website stats and Google Analytics.

Get all the details about our maintenance package on our services page.

Hourly Maintenance: If you’d prefer not to subscribe to the ongoing maintenance package, and something does go wrong, we will always happily work on the websites we’ve built. If the site gets infected with malware, or something breaks or there’s an issue or error, we will be able to fix it quickly and efficiently since we’ve got a deep understanding of the site architecture and construction.

We offer various tiers of online marketing, starting with the basics up to complete SEO and social media campaigns.
Find more information on our services page.


Just like every good building project, every website should have the same basic building principles and good standards.

So we build every website with those tested and true components and best-practices, including industry-leading systems, solid design principles, excellent security, page load speed, SEO, and much more. From there, we can customize your site further with any number of helpful add-ons features. This means you only pay for what you need.

This practice of standardizing system and customizing the design and content keeps our prices down while ensuring all our sites have the best core features and set-up and are still unique and tailored to your needs. Plus, we can always add and edit content quickly and easily, and at any time we can add on countless features and extra functionality in order to make your site even better, from calendars to Ecommerce.

This website is built with our foundation site and some add-ons. Take a look around this site and check out portfolio to get an idea of some of the options. But don’t let it limit your imagination. The options are endless, and your site will look completely unique!

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